History of Life

Life is physically based on some kind of infinity, not more informations are provided here.  Within finite dimensions, only 7 dimensions have access to this infinity.  So life can only get living forms in 7 dimensions, where enough body forms are available for the beings from the basic infinity.  Existence in 3-dimensions is not directly possible, but can be arranged by projectve mapping and machine-like forms (such as the human form) in the surrounding.

Beginning Darkness of Sauron

In the beginning of finite dimensions, there was only infinite life, maybe without real forms.  Nothing more is known.


Then a 3-dimensional universe with the collection of matter arose and the being in Darvin style growed.  Starting with this the creation of parallel 3- to 6-dimensional universes became possible.  The beginning finite creator was an infinite being similar to Melkor and Sauron within J.R.R Tolkien's roman serieses.


As there this new creator (let's call it Sauron) created only dark universes - positive possibilities weren't yet invented.  The dimension number of these precreations is unknown - maybe only 6-dimensional or less.


Everything that Sauron created was evil, life-destroying, and only horrible monsters of whatever kind.  He made trillions of parallel creations, all dark.  He included only negative darkness, but was much worse than the eye in the movies Lord of the Rings.

So adoring Sauron was never suitable.  The most important fact is that there is no good god, all godses were evil monsters, created by Sauron or his horcruxes.  If one uses one's logical brain and mind like Spock from Star Trek, one does not need a "higher" idiot, one can be one's own engineer instead, which is then much better than any strange voice called god.



Christ's Move to Positivity


Christ was the inventor of positivity.  He was the 1st living being ever to leave the darkness of Sauron.


In order to being allowed to do this change, such a changer must have been extremely dark, in order to be tolerated.  And the later Christ was originally "Darth Vader", pronounced in a Sanskrit-like speaking as "Dart-h Vadr", where the "a" is pronounced like the "u" in "cut", and the "th" is split into "t + h".  He was a most horrible monster in a 6-dimensional universe, much harder than in the Star Wars movies.  He also had a black suit, not from being burned, but for technical protection against punishments.


For getting out of the 6 dimensions, Christ trained as "Dart-h Vadr" a devil-like army.  People expected from that a very interesting hell war, so this military training was regarded as being high and was allowed into this 6-dimensional hell universe.


"Dart-h Vadr" organized such a hell war and took over lots of technical things.  He also learned lots of technical handling, like Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars.  By that, he was able to get out of this 6-dimensional hell universe.


With a conquered creation computer, which he enlarged, he could create a 7-dimensional creation with positive parts.  Unfortunately he used the law of unrestricted free will.  That made also the negative darkness legal - a hard error.  But at least the positivity is there legal as well.


From 7 down to 3 dimensions


Step by step, the inhabitants in the new positive creation enlarged.  But due to the unrestricted free will, almost a third of all beginning beings made a revolution in order to get back to the darkness of the time of "Dart-h Vadr".  They started with a 5-dimensional universe that looked quite reasonable.  But most of them let explode half of the new parallel 5-dimensional universe to tear down to 3 dimensions only - the deepest hell possible.  That is known in physics as the Big-Bang 13.7 billion years ago.

In the future, which is now past, all different creations became positive, except the 3 dimensions with the earth and its surroundings.

All so-called creators were evil monsters, except Christ.  Of course, he is not the son of whatever kind of god, which would be all dark and evil, so only low and down.  Christ was and is only an excellent scientist with wisdom and experience, nothing else.

Evil free will

It was an error to make free will legal, because it turned out that also negative could become legal.


That's comparable to the US license "public domain", which was too much freedom without any restrictions.  By that the absolutely free (without walls) Unix7 from 1971 was stolen by AT&T and Bell Labs, and later on DEC.  They said, Unix7 is available for all, so also for them, but now only for them, and all others had to pay by that.  That's obviously possible for Public Domain.  DEC is known to suck-off 150,000 USDs for the operating system on a table computer.


Against this nonsense, the GNU Public License (GPL2) was created in the 1980s, now known as Free Software based on GNU, which is free without money, highness, and energy sucking.

Gabriel's Positive Restriction of Will


The too large total freedom of will was recently improved by the former archangel Gabriel into: "Free Will limited to bipolar, positive, life-preserving, and reasonable".

  • Bipolar means energy of all kinds - for normal alternate current and spiritual energy one needs plus and minus, that's bipolar.
  • Positive is meant to be one's intention, not an energy form.
  • Life-preserving means that punishment is forbidden.
  • Reasonable means that only one's own talent and wisdom by the human brain and the soul's mind is allowed as well as some helping voices.

With the help of a creation computer of Christ's team, Gabriel created a beautiful rescue creation with DNA-passwords with the will limited to positive and so on, in case that some eval stuff like the Borg would destroy the creation with the bad totally free will.