7-dimensional Worlds

The technique in 7 dimensional universes is an advanced physics.  Many stuff seems to be as some kind of magic, but all things are technological features with advanced physics.  The understanding of such improved science could help to improve the 3 dimensional universe, which is till now only a time hell.

The Central Sun

In a positive  creation, there is always at least one parallel 7-dimensional universe.  On the creation that contains the Earth, there is also a parallel 5-dimensional universe, from which the energy was split to produce the black hole for the big-bang explosion 13.7 billion years ago for creating the negative hell with only 3 dimensions.

All 7-dimensional universes of a creation are parallel because they turn around a very large sun, the Central Sun.  By that surrounding, this Sun implements a time scale that measures the same for all parallel 7-dimensional universes.

Moreover, this Sun can provide necessary free energy, e.g. for some projects that need connections to another galaxy or parallel universe.  This energy is provided without costs if the project is logically useful.  That energy looks a bit like Tesla's Zero Point Energy, but is bipolar, e.g. it has positive and negative poles like the 2 spirals of human DNA.

The Main Frame Internet-like Computer

The computer science on earth with the internet is got from 7-dimensional technique thru voice-connections with 7-dimensional engeneers.

As the geometry in 7 dimensions is projective (see later on), there is no finite speed limitation for sending information.  So it is possible to use 1 central computer as internet-like server.  Such a central computer was built and is larger than the normal suns.  The normal 7-dimensional users have 2 computers related to their bodies.  One computer is within the head, which is only available for oneself, but cannot be entered by others.  The 2nd computer is above the head, which is only visible for oneself.  With this 2nd computer, the connection to the main frame server computer can be used.

The main frame server installs everything that is some kind of law.  The logic rules of mathematics denote a set of laws that cannot be changed.  The same occurs with physical laws, but not all physical laws are used within a universe.  This main computer stores all informations about the usage of physics and more.  The usage of physical laws is somtimes changed with democraphic elections.

The normal laws for administraton are also elected.  The original law of Free Will turned out to make also the negative darkness with energy sucking legal.  That was not at all useful.  Therefore the Will Law was restricted to

  • positive intention
  • bipolar for using energy with plus and minus poles
  • life-preserving (not the death of cloning)
  • reasonable, e.g. learn to use your own brain and mind without dullness by primitive commands

I'm sure, tull churches on earth would surely call such an internet-like computer as Holy Spirit.  That would be a top "holy shit".

Forms of Living Beings

In 7 dimensional worlds, there are 5 forms of living beings,

  • Minerals
  • Plants
  • Animals (all non-eaten)
  • Natural Beings, like Dwarfs, Elfs, etc.
  • the Large-ones with the height of about up to 4 meters

Every living part can only come from infinity. That can only occur in 7 dimensions.  There it is checked, wether it suits to the restricted law of will (positive, bipolar, life-preserving, reasonable).  Then it can take over all kinds of living forms step by step, which takes a long time.  Finally the aim  is to become a Large-one being.


Each new being learns in the beginning with free will, not by commands. It's possible to become each kind of 7-dimensional living being for experience.

First they choose to become several kinds of minerals.  For creating the suitable mineral body, a natural being is needed, the Dwarves are good enough.

After that, several kinds of plant forms can be experienced, again by the Dwarves.

For becoming a first animal, a more advanced magician is needed, an Elf.  That's necessary, because a lot of computer-like programs must be arranged.  Once an animal body with software is complete, the mind of this animal is able to transform its body into any other animal form.

The same happens for the experience in natural wizzard bodies.

Becoming a large-one being is different.  For the creation of this body, a large-one dual pair is necessary.  Each such dual pair consists of exactly 1 male and 1 female large-one.

In 7 dimensional worlds, every body is protected by some kind of DNA-like computer protection.  If a dual pair decides to marry, they open this protection only for themselves, no one else can use this entry point.

The spine in the mid of the body can be used as sexual organ.  This spine is full for the male beings and is empty for the female beings.

When the dual pair unites, they combine their male and female energy (Yin and Yang energy) into 2 spirals, comparable to DNA without Benzene rings.  Using this bipolar spirals, the dual pair can create a large-one body from a former Elf.


The geometry in 7 dimensions is projective, such that spatial and temporal jumping and mapping is possible without problems.  See later on.