Souls are quite different from what is known by many humans.  By physics, living beings can only arise in 7-dimensional worlds, not in 3 dimensions, which are the hell.  So each soul must have a 7-dimensional origin.



Projective Jump to Hell and Gender Change


When a female 7-dimensional agent wants to projectively jump into the hell, the 3 dimensional universe, she is forced to get at the entrance a male surrounding.  This surrounding is often called a soul.  The gender change is normal for the hell - here everything is wrong, the number 6 instead of the creation number 9, the number 23 against 32.


Many souls on Earth were the so-called "fallen angels" mentioned in the tora and old testament,  As told on a former page, these "fallen angels" made a revolution against all kind of beings, not against god, as is wrongly written in the bible/tora.  For there is no God, every God together with corresponding religion was invented by some devil for creating "divine wars" for soul sucking by adoration,  god's will, humbleness, holiness with black wings.


Later on these revolutionaries created the "big-bang".  After then souls were invented, they are 3-dimensional non-living surroundings for the invisible 7-dimensional kernel.



Immortality is 7-dimensional


The 7-dimensional kernel of each soul is the living part of each being.


A long time ago, this kernel was too near in the surrounding, such it seemed possible to be destroyed.  When this living kernel would have been hurt and changed, the then leftover living kernel could grant access to the matrix-like computer of the creation.  Evil stuff could have happen.  Fortunately, the "system lords" of the "machine hell" and the "holy" church devils are too dull for being hackers - good luck.  Due to the hacker team of Christ, this evil destruction is now totally impossible since the time of Jesus.  They created in 7 dimensions an invisible computer that could store the 7-dimensional kernel for each soul.  No living parts from 3 dimensional worlds can be hurt or destroyed.  That's totally secure till now.


Each soul has a link to this invisible computer from 7-dimensional worlds.  That link does not exist for others, access is granted only for oneself - no backdoors, no mind controllers, no secret services - absolutely safe.  Now for each incarnated soul, the corresponding human has also access to this link.


No 7-dimensional kernel can be hurt or deleted - so the immortality of the living being part of each soul is granted.  Every living being has a beginning,  but not an end.  So the living part of most souls existed already before the creation of the 3-dimensional universe, that's the big-bang before more than 14 billions years.


This invisible computer also stores information about the corresponding soul.  When the non-living part of this soul is destroyed (such as killing the machine part of a mind-controller), the link for the living part is left and teleports into some safe region without mind-control, e.g. the part of the soul region that is known as MiddleEarth in Lord of the Ring.


This link will be moved to a safe place without mind control.  There the corresponding 7-dimensional computer reconstructs the former soul at its best state before being a mind-controller, i.e. before the body of the soul was destroyed.