Superstring Theories


The actual theoretical physics is based on the so-called superstring theory.  There was proved during the 1980s that the reality might have 9 spatial dimensions plus the time, so 10 mathematical dimensions.  Later on, several different mathematically different superstring theories were proved.  All of these inclucing the gravition of relativity and quantum mechanics were united in 1995 by a new kind of theory done by Edward Witten. To do this, another mathematical dimension was need.  This mathematically 11-dimensional theory was called M-theory.  But the maximum of  spatial dimensions still stays as 9 dimensions, the other 2 dimensions are only mathematical concepts.


When talking about high-dimensional physics, we prefer to use the name Superstrings, which is more obvious than the mathematical name M-theory.


In all kinds of superstring theories, one-dimensional parts are called strings (like in musical instruments, such as the violin).  The 2-dimensional elements are called membranes, the higher dimensional ones are called D-branes or just branes (for 3 to 9 spatial dimensional stuff). This string-like theories accord to the ancient greek scientists, the Pythagoreans, who predicted that physics is only music - that's it


The Einstein dimension for time is only useful for normal material terrestrial physics.  Einstein started that by using an additional 4th mathematical dimension.  The superstyrings have it as an additional 10th dimension.  But the Einstein-time with speed limitation to the speed of light (photons of electro-magnetic Hertz-waves) exist only on the 3-dimensional hard matter, not on physically higher dimensions.


In other regions, such as the mental ("above"), the soul areas (paradices, reincarnations, Middle-Earth) or the areas of ascended masters or the Dragon Police area, that time scheme does not exist or is toatally different.  The mental and soul regions are also some kind of 3-dimensional matter.  But in physics, this advanced matter is known as part of dark matter.  So physics must learn to discover these regions with more details.


One  of the most famous physicists for these high dimensions is Michio Kaku, a professor of physics in New York.  He provides many other physical stuff as well.  You can find many movies in the internet under  Moreover he published many good books.  You can find information of many of them on his home page



The 7-Dimensional Worlds


Living beings can only exist in 7 dimensions or more.  The 7-dimensional beings do not need wings, because they can move quite easily with projective geometry, which allows some kind of beaming and a lot of other stuff.  There is enough free energy for everyone and everything, even more needed energy can be generated by their physics.



The 8 spatial Dimensions for parallel 7-dimensional Universes


The whole creation consists of many parallel 7-dimensional universes. Today the possible existence of parallel universes is even quite normal in terrestrial physics since Einstein.  In order to be able to construct 7-dimensional parallel universes, one needs one more spatial dimension, so the usage of 8 spatial dimensions is necessary for a whole creation.


Even the bullshit of the 3-dimensional parts belongs to this creation.  As written in the Bible (Tora), there was a revolution in 7 dimensions against the positive part of the law of free will there.  The responsable revolutionaries wanted to create their own worlds without phyical knowledge.  So that revolution was an action of dull beings without intelligence of their own.  The Bilbe calls these guys and girlies "fallen angels".


The collection of all existing parallel universes (3-, 5-, and 7-dimensional) is handled as one creation.



9 spatial Dimensions - the Collection of Creations


For advanced physicists among the 7 dimensional beings, it is possible to create a creation of their own, in which they can play god or devil, whatever they want due to their free will.  There exist already very many such creations. They exist in parallel.  That means that for a new creation one needs another spatial dimension.  So we are at the maximum of 9 spatial dimensions.  That's exactly the number for the superstring theories.


The 7-dimensional creator-team and some others once lived in a different creation. But as there was mind control, they leanred sciences and left this bullshit creation.  Then they created our creation, their 7-dimensional parallel universes without mind control.



More Dimensions are unstable


As is told, the actual mathematicians for the terrestrial physics proved that more than the 11 dimensions of M-Theory, i.e. 9 spatial dimensions, would be unstable.  So 9 spatial dimension are the reasonable maximum.  And the 7-dimensional worlds are the best possible for living beings.