Physics based on Tesla





Nikola Tesla was a famous physicist.  He lived from 1856 to 1943.  He was Serbo-Croatian, at that time this was part of Austria-Hungary.  But half of his time, he lived in USA.  He was even regarded as an American patriot in the time of WW I.


Tesla invented many things that we use now quite normally in our everyday life, but most people don't know the inventor:

  • alternating current
  • radio and telephone
  • radar
  • longitudinal electro-magnetic waves with neutrinos that are faster than light
  • free zero-point-energy (used for a car at 1930 without gas and current)
  • a transmitter for energy transport to everywhere in the planet ("too advanced" for the US army)
  • and much more ...

Tesla deserved the Nobel prize several times, but unfortunately he did not get any.  Marconi robbed 14 Tesla patents for constructing his bad radio equipment.  And he got the Nobel prize because he connected US president Roosevelt and king Eduard VII of Great Britain.  Tesla's radios were much better.


Only the unit of magnetism in physics is now called Tesla, that's the only honor for this famous inventor.  The Tesla physics is also good for learning how things from above are working. 



Prof. Konstantin Meyl


Fortunately there is an excellent German professor for electrical engineering and physics, Konstantin Meyl.  He rebuilt Tesla's inventions and published at lot of information about the technique invented by Tesla.  He even improved some parts of this technology.  For building Tesla machines, he used the actual science, which is not so expensive as it was around World War I.


He could also mathematically prove most of the techniques, which Tesla didn't.  His calculations are totally based on wave theory, the curls (Wirbel) from electrical engineering.  He could even prove that Schroedinger's equation is part of the curl theory.  It seems to become possible that the strange quantum mechanics could become something logical.  Einstein was always searching for something like this curl theory.


Prof. Meyl also cooperates with physicians for improving the theory and the machines in medicine.  He could build a machine for healing AIDS, that would be great for Africa.


For details about curls and more, study the works of Prof. Konstantin Meyl.  Many lectures of him were published in German  and English at  They are quite easy to be understood, even for non-scientists.  You can find his mathematical proofs and more as videos (DVDs), books, and machines at his home-page www.k-meyl.deTill now, you cannot get this important informations anywhere else.


Another physicist based on longitudinal waves is the American Tom Bearden.



Longitudinal electromagnetic Waves


The best invention of Tesla were the longitudinal electromagnetic fieldsProf. Meyl calls them now scalar waves for mathematical reasons, but the name longitudinal seems to be more obvious.


These longitudinal waves were already known by Faraday, the most known inventor of electrical stuff in about 1820.  But the ancient Greek physicists knew about magnetism.  The Roman scientists had large enterprises with electricity, as was reported in ZDF history of the German TV station ZDF info.


Faraday's pupil Maxwell proved after 1850 the electro-magnetic theory mathematically by using quaternions.  That included the longitudinal electromagnetic waves as well.  Maxwell's formula is still used in the actual physics.  The actually used Maxwell formula has 3 parts, one for the time and 2 for the space.  These 2 spatial parts describe the normal transversal electromagnetic field (Hertz waves) and the now unused longitudinal electromagnetic field.  See Waser for comparison of Maxwell's quaternion and the normal vector equations in physics.  The scalar part (non-vector part) of the Maxwell's quaternions is not "noise", as many physicists are forced to believe.





The most known particles of longitudinal electromagnetic waves are the neutrinos. But these particles are not normal material matter, they are part of the immaterial "dark matter". 


Neutrinos are electromagnetic, but usually they don't have the photon speed.  They can be faster or slower than photon-light, only by fortune they can have the exact photon speed.  They will be an important upgrade for Einsteins relatitvity theories.


All neutrinos come from black holes, that is also known by normal physics.  But these don't understand, that one needs a speed faster than photon-light for escaping the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole.  So there is no real light speed limitation.



Zero-Point Energy


Tesla had a car with only Free Energy in already 1930.  He called this zero-point energy.


The quantum physicists created their own energy, which they also called "zero-point-energy".  This quantum energy is totally different and has only very little power.  It looks like they just tried to cover the real stuff.


The German Prof. Konstantin Meyl built machines that are fed with some amount of alternate current.  The receiver can get sometimes 9 times more energy, so it seems to be some kind of Tesla's zero-point-energy.  When Meyl shows this equipment in an auditory with many students, their souls suck off the whole zero-point-energy, only the fed energy is received.  When later on alone, the whole zero-point-energy is got again.