The totally unreal official Gospels of the new testament of the bible were written only during 100-120 A.D.  That's much too late for real information, it just came from the orcish matrix from "above".



Searching for Words in the Bible


In the internet, there is a website for searching within the Bible:

Search there for terms like,

  • fallen angels
  • demon
  • and much more

Then you will get a lot of sources referring to the fall, the revolution of dull teenager angels against the 7-dimensional law.



Abraham and El Shaddai


Genesis 15:1 is a remarkable place.  There is said that Abraham had a vision.  In all modern western Bibles and the Hebrew Tora the readers are told that this vision came from something like the "eternal".  But that's wrong information, because every soul is "eternal", no soul can die, so the bible/tora is exteremly wrong.


In the original ancient Hebrew text (even availabe some decades ago) it was said that Abraham's vision came from El Shaddai.  This was a female soul who was not God, not at all.  That's obvious by her name:

  • El is a Hebrew word from which the German term Engel and the English word angel originate
  • Shaddai is not a name, but means expulsed, thrown out

So El Shaddai was a fallen angel and most probably Satana, the queen for the creation of the low 3 dimensions (a bit like Galadriel in the movie "Lord of the Rings").  She was a life-preserver, so she left the other fallen angels, when they turned into darkness, by trying to remove all kinds of living or good.  Then these later devils took revenge for the leaving of their queen by declaring all female beings as enemies.  That's why female Muslims must carry scarves, etc.


The good thing about Abraham is that he was the first human at that time who could get rid of the thought controllers in the human brain and the soul's mind.  He spoke with El Shaddai telepathically, that means horizontally from the height oif the heart, not thru voices.  Abraham taught other people to do the same.  These became the Hebrews.


There is a song about El Shaddai, partly in the Hebrew language,

  • Amy Grant: AGE TO AGE - El Shaddai

You can find it in the internet at





The so-called "new testament" is not at all based on Jesu or his apostles. They were written as late as 100-120 A.D.  The writers didn't know about the true history, they just wrote text they were told by their mind controllers.  Jesus and others fought against these evil voices in the brain and the soul's mind.


Some of the apostels of Jesus wrote the real original Gospels. The Catholic church made them into heretic texts and burnt them, like Hitler's gang,  But they were rediscovered at Qumran.


The most known original Gospel is the text of the apostle Thomas about vegetarianism. But there exist also Gospel texts from Simon and Mark, there are even more.


These are the original Gospels, that's why they are regarded as enemy texts by the Catholic sect - they really were.  So they were forbidden by the catholic sect, the apostles became heretics - thanks to the master devil of the Trinity.


Simon was recalled St. Peter and is said to be the founder of the catholic church.  That's not true, Simon was never in Rome, he was a Hebrew and not a member of the Roman empire.  He was never crucified. St. Peter is the "antichrist", and his mason-like sign is the cross upside-down.  That's catholicism.


The apostle Thomas was said to be a "disbeliever", because he wrote abour vegetarianism.  Well Thomas and Jesus were no "Death-Eaters".  So they would never have been accepted as church members.  In Germany there was a vegetarian prophetess in 1970/80s, who was heavily prosecuted by all official churches, the deat-eater "religions".


For a very long time ago, the evil forces falsified the new testament and made the author apostles into heretics.  The apostle Simon was not crucified and his name was never Petrus.  The cross upsdte-down is the symbol for the Antichrist St. Peter.  It is often used by Vatican propaganda.  It is also the main part of the flag of the illuminati-temple, the City of London, also shown in Catholic masses.  Of course, it's also holy for the zionists.  The illuminati want to abolish the zionists with 23 and mason degree 33? No it's only a funny sport event!  Thanx to hell!





A most  interesting part in the Bible is the Revelation of St.John. These are not a prediction of the future.  It just documents the plans of the devils for the earth.  Of course, this relations did not come from some kind of God, but are satanic.  But the information from these chapters is quite useful anyway.


Chapter 13 is a very interesting location.  There is said that the most evil number is six hundred three scores six (six hundred sixty six), the number of the "beast".  Todaythis number is used as the triple 6 "666", where 6 is the number of the zionists.  As is predicted you get exactly this number with everything you buy.


You should know that a signal called "barcode" is already printed on almost all things that you are buying.  That's a collection of  thin and wide line combinations that mean a collection of numbers.  These numbers are written below the lines except the following 3 combinations: 2 thin lines on the left, the same in the center, and on the right; but none of these 2 thin lines has a number written below.  On some barcodes, you can see that these 2 thin lines mean the number 6.  So there are 3 hidden numbers 666, the number of the beast, on everything you are buying,  just as was written formerly in the revelations.


Some years ago, the "barcode" had only 6 + 6 = 12 numbers written below as is shown on this picture.  But actually an additional number was added.  This left-most number is outside the "barcode" and has no line collection, it's just a written number without anything else.  So there are now 13 numbers, so we live here in the hell of the illuminati on planet Earth.



Some months ago, you could write "illuminati" in the wrong direction as is usual in all kinds of hell: "itanimulli".  When adding ".org" and calling it in an internet browser, one got to the website of the NSA.  When this became known at youtube, this connection was deleted.  Quite interesting, isn't it?


Moreover the sentence 16 in chapter 13 reads: "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads".  With clean thinking one recognizes that this sentence, is a prediction of computer stuff.  It is said that a former member of a known American computer enterprise now creates computers for the hand and the front.  So that's exactly what was commanded in the devil plans of the revelations.


So we have now the complete situation for the "beast".  We hope that the Hebrew demon Baphomet will conquer this "beast", he is ugly enough for these devils.





The Hebrew letter for the English  w is called waf in the Hebrew language.  Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet has also a meaning as a number.  And the number for the letter waf is 6.


So the abbreviation www (World-Wide Web) means also a hidden triple 6.  So every website is part of the 666 system of the hell in St.John's revelations.


That's why we blocked the 666 (www) for this website, it's only available as