Revolution for getting back into Darkness



Dull Radicals against Life


All souls formerly lived in positive 7-dimensional worlds.  A long time ago, there was some kind of non-scientific revolution by dull teenager-like beings.  The revolutionaries wanted to create their own worlds with sucking-off by introducing highness, instead of reasonably learning science themselves.  In the bible, these revolutionaries are called "fallen angels".


Because of Free Will, the radicals even got a free, empty, parallel universe for testing.  First they stopped at 5 dimensions.  These worlds still exist (see the movie Contact by Jodie Foster) and are tolerable, but far from being perfect.


But the dull ones let explode half of the 5-dimensional parallel universe.  That attack is now known as the "big-bang".  By that, the ugly 3-dimensional trash of the actual universe was created.  That seemed to be the lowest possible physics, but the Catholic Church made a law that the Earth is flat (2-dimensional).  They burnt everyone, who said that the ancient Greeks claimed the Earth to be a 3-dimensional ball.





Because the fallen angels were so dull, they adored Satana as their Queen.  She was an excellent physicists, the only one at that time.  She helped them to create the 3 dimensions in the hope that the dull radicals would become reasonable and intelligent later on.


She is comparable to Galadriel in the movies "Lord of the Ring".  The churches regarded her as "Satan", an non-existing mail devil.  Of course, that's bullshit, because all religions and gods are the devils themselves, by playing army war games with their believers.


When these dull "fallen angels" wanted to transform all living beings into mechanical killer gamers, Satana (Galadriel) left these loosers.  So they lost their Queen, and took revenge against all females.  That fight against women is still active, see the scarves in the Islam, where all muslim women were made into subhuman.  The Babylonian sect, called catholicism, implemented this spiritual revenge as first - they forced all women to carry black scarves and black clothes.  In Germany, that evilness ended at the democratic revoluton at 1848 in Germany.  Then the catholic chiefs moved to Arabia.





Satana is also known as Gaia.  That's the name for "nature" on Earth.  The whole planet Earth was her own planet in 7 dimensions.  Now it seems to be obvious that it was an error to move her planet to this hell in 3 dimensions.


Later on, she rebuild the nature on the Earth, but in vegetarian mode.



Crimson King


The dull terrorists created later on the gender change, because they used only wrong structures for their hell - the later devils liked that very much.  By that, every 7-dimensional kernel got a 3-dimensional soul of the wrong gender.  As living can only arise in 7 dimensions, this soul of the wrong gender is just some kind of clothes to make the 7-dimensional origin invisible for the surroundings.


Then Satana became, what is now known as the Crimson King. see the music of the hard-rock music group King Crimson.  Due to the gender change, she got a male soul surroundings.


The color crimson (purple, violet) has a special meaning.  It is the energetic yogic color of the 4th chakra in the spine, also known as the heart chakra, in Yoga. The related point on the breast is called 2nd dantian at the level of the heart, associated with storing life energy (Qi) and with respiration and health of the internal organs.  That energy point became later on the hottest entry point for evil forces.


Satana tried to make that becoming entry point safer.  That was quite effective at that time, but later on evil forces hacked this energy point and made it again into an evil entry point.





All universes having a dimension equal or deeper than 6 include the "hell".


Life can only arise in 7 dimensional worlds.  With some disguise called soul, a 7-dimensional living being can exist hidden in low-dimensional physics, there the deepest possible dimension for hidden living parts are 3 dimensions.  That's, where we live in, as low as possible - hell..  In 2 dimensions or lower, the 7-dimensional kernel is almost lost, the only living part is a nothing called consciousness.  The catholic sect tried to install this 2-dimensional machine hell in the Middle Ages by inventing a law that allowed to burn everyone who asserted that the Greek scientists proved that the Earth is a 3-dimensional ball.  That "high" law was active until 1980.  When the pope Woytila was forced from above to abolish it, he was almost shot by "you know who".



Free Energy


But for living in 3 to 6 dimensions, zero-point-energy (1930) is needed.  This energy comes originally from 7 dimensions, but is transformed to the corresponding low dimensions.  This energy is available for every soul.  Without this energy, no soul within 3 dimensions could have a living part.  See later on about Tesla physics.