7-dimensional Projective Geometry



In 7-dimensional worlds, the mathematics and physics is much more advanced than our knowledge and features, the projectivity is just a starting point.


Real projective geometry relies on 7 dimensions.  Using this extension here, spatial and temporal beaming will become possible.  But the 7-dimensional engineeres are the only ones who can make projective jumps with their bodies.  A temporal jump with living persons (7-dimensional beings) will create paralellism of more than a planet, such that specialists for history, technique, and tested practice with emulators are necessary.  Gitler was as programmer able to move into a different program level, but this can occur only within Gitler's war game, not outside.  But the outside is and ever was the reality, not the game levels, called "fates".



The geometry of the 7-dimensional parallel universes is projective.  This is nothing special, but also known in terrestrial mathematics, see Projective_geometry in wikipedia.


In mathematics, projective geometry takes a line thru the origin as a point, such that the total projective geometry needs one more dimension.  That's normal mathematics, and is even taught in the Steiner High Schools (Antroposophy), see Antroposophy in wikipedia.


But the projectivity in 7 dimensions is much stronger than the terrestrial mathematics, which is still based on only 3 dimensions, although one extends the known facts also to very high dimensions.


In 7 dimensions, the projective jumping is done inside the mind.  There one creates a zero-point.  Every line thru this zero-point serves as a projective point, just like in our mathematics.  To chose a different line (projective point) just turn your zero-point. The most interesting feature is that one can mentally jump to each place within such a selected line, without time loss. That exactly explains the line-point identification.  Such a projective jump produces only some kind of image, a computer-like mapping.


As projective jump target, one can chose interesting places, such as our 3-dimensional universe or the earth directly.  The produced computer mapping looks like 3-dimensional for us.


As known in normal terrestrian geometry, the projectivity can be turned off.  That will create a corresponding boring affine geometry with one dimension less.  Exactly that was done by the "fallen angels" known from the Bible/Tora.  So they transformed the powerful 7 dimensions into dull 6 affine dimensions.


You should know that the main number of the Hebrews was 7, which is still obvious through the Menora with 7 candles, see Wikipedia.  And this holy number 7 was replaced by the number 6 of the zionists in Israel.  So the zionists still adore the abolishment of 7-dimensional projectivity by the affine number 6, because that's against the Hebrews, see the information about "666" in the book of revelations, chapter 13.





A most  interesting part in the Bible is the Revelation of St.John. These are not a prediction of the future.  It just documents the plans of the devils for the earth.  Of course, this relations did not come from some kind of God, but are satanic.  But the information from these chapters is quite useful anyway.


Chapter 13 is a very interesting location.  There is said that the most evil number is six hundred three scores six (six hundred sixty six), the number of the "beast".  Todaythis number is used as the triple 6 "666", where 6 is the number of the zionists.  As is predicted you get exactly this number with everything you buy.


You should know that a signal called "barcode" is already printed on almost all things that you are buying.  That's a collection of  thin and wide line combinations that mean a collection of numbers.  These numbers are written below the lines except the following 3 combinations: 2 thin lines on the left, the same in the center, and on the right; but none of these 2 thin lines has a number written below.  On some barcodes, you can see that these 2 thin lines mean the number 6.  So there are 3 hidden numbers 666, the number of the beast, on everything you are buying,  just as was written formerly in the revelations.


Some years ago, the "barcode" had only 6 + 6 = 12 numbers written below as is shown on this picture.  But actually an additional number was added.  This left-most number is outside the "barcode" and has no line collection, it's just a written number without anything else.  So there are now 13 numbers, so we live here in the hell of the illuminati on planet Earth.



Some months ago, you could write "illuminati" in the wrong direction as is usual in all kinds of hell: "itanimulli".  When adding ".org" and calling it in an internet browser, one got to the website of the NSA.  When this became known at youtube, this connection was deleted.  Quite interesting, isn't it?


Moreover the sentence 16 in chapter 13 reads: "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads".  With clean thinking one recognizes that this sentence, is a prediction of computer stuff.  It is said that a former member of a known American computer enterprise now creates computers for the hand and the front.  So that's exactly what was commanded in the devil plans of the revelations.


So we have now the complete situation for the "beast".  We hope that the Hebrew demon Baphomet will conquer this "beast", he is ugly enough for these devils.





The Hebrew letter for the English  w is called waf in the Hebrew language.  Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet has also a meaning as a number.  And the number for the letter waf is 6.


So the abbreviation www (World-Wide Web) means also a hidden triple 6.  So every website is part of the 666 system of the hell in St.John's revelations.


That's why we blocked the 666 (www) for this website, it's only available as 7dim.org.