Inner viewing



Inner viewing is quite useful for all kinds of things.  This is nothing special, every human brain can do that.  But formerly, this viewing was only allowed for the "devils 6" upwards.  Now everyone can learn how to use these programs inside the head without that devil stuff.



The 3rd Eye


The 3rd eye point is available for all humans.  That was the 6th chakra, which was a white energy point at the time of good yogis in India.  It is half an inch above the center of the human eyes, within the front of course.


This strong inner power was made invisible by covering it with the computer connection to the punishment program.


To get access to this 3rd eye, the punishing by oneself must be stopped.  If it seems to be necessary, ask your voice master from above the head.  These guys are much better in mastering the attacks.



The 3-dimensional Cerebellum Viewing


With most humans, the cerebellum was reprogrammed to store many artificial devilish bodies in many parallel "hells 4", the lowest number in the hell system.


You must get rid of these devil forms.  That can be done by

  • checking that there are quite strange thoughts, that don't come from above.
  • use your index finger to push an invisible computer maouse button, positive engineers help you to hit the button, althoug you cannot see that.


If only one devil form is left, you are just an evil hell habitant.


Gotting rid of all devil forms and ignore all devilish programs makes you into seeing 3-dimensional pictures within your whole human body.



The real stuff starts when you can see behind you, but without turning around.  There you are able to see a lot of stuff, not the normal material stuff of your surroundings, but you can get also information from the soul regions and more.




The Body of Light


We are now in a positive parallel time level.  There everyone has a light body inside the human body.  That is not the soul, but something else.  Because of the positivity, all souls could leave, that 's the end of punishment living parts.


For inside, there always was an artificial body inside the human, in order to hide the soul against atttackers.  This inside-body has now a nice color and is absolutely useful.  But you must see that body, otherwise it is not yet available for strong usage.


Later on, it should be possible that light body can become some kind of living being, but not now, where almost everything is not yet positively arrranged.