Running Computer Programs



No real History


In 3 dimensions, there never was something like history.  Everything was part of some running computer programs.  That is comparable to the Matrix movies.



1st Matrix by the Thought Controllers


The thought controllers were quite hard before the 2nd and 3rd matrices were turned off.  These ancient controllers left the system from "above" between November 2013 up to February 2014.  These mind controllers are now back since about March 2015.


But they made time jumps into the future, where they learnt about technique and improved their brains.  They also changed their form from orc-like to their own ancient human-like soul form.  These former mind controllers are friendly, avoid commands, and are very good in many parts of science.


Please make contact to them as soon as possible if you need help.  That also includes punishment.  If you ask them for an attack, they will check if that's still reasonable.  They can protect you if they are asked for, such that punishment against yourself is no longer so hard as it formerly was.  If you punish on your own, you will get self-punishment by sourself according to the 2nd law.



2nd Matrix from Gitler


This computer program means all kinds of history for the human race.  It was a war game with many levels.  The programmer turned it off in the beginning of April 2014.


Gitler was a German, not an Austrian like Adolf Hitler.  He lived in Berchtesgarden in Germany.  He got a neutrino computer, maybe from the future by Theodor Herzl.  Gitler started his horror game at about 1910.  This fate program was running for 15.8 million years.  We are now living after these many years.  Here we made a time jump back to the starting period of Gitler's program, but a better technique was included, like trains without steam and better computers with pictures.


"Borg" never existed within Gitler's killer game.



3rd Matrix from the Pygmy


This matrix was outside Gitler's matrix.  Here Borg existed, but all were removed before the turning off of the 2nd matrix by Gitler.   At 25 April 2014, the programmer turned off his bad program with his own free will.



4th Matrix still running


This was the original program including all other matrix programs.  The programmer is a dark idiot.  He is responsible for everything evil in the other matrix programs.  He was proud that almost all humans used only the negative darkness, although the humans had the free will, such that positiveness is also legal.  The name "Allah" with the martyr and killing bullshit was invented by him.  He is now in some kind of prison by 7-dimensional engineers.


As the humans are almost all horrible monsters, this 4th matrix is still running.  Only when all humans decide to switch to the positive non-sucking way, the leaving of all computer programs can become reasonable.