Learning with Computers



Computer games are not only for children, as is often said.  The whole system from "above" is based on computer programs.  So the knowledge about computers, programs and games might be quite useful for all adults as well.



Free Software


Use Linux as operating system, because it does not have computer viruses and backdoors from strange spying organizations.  The commercial programs from Microsoft and Apple cannot be regarded as being safe.


Microsoft is perfect in allowing dull viruses by all kinds of criminals, who then can get all keys one pushes.  Moreover it has obvious backdoors.  After the nazi agents killed Steve Jobs with cancer, Apple fell down into backdoors.


So Free Software operating systems and prgrams are the only way to have useful computers.  There are many almost different Linux versions, in USA Ubuntu looks good, in Europe Kubuntu.  In these 2 Linux distributions, there are more than 1000 games and much more programs for learning and doing.



Zelda, Occarina of Time - excellent Computer Game for all beings


One of the best computer games is Zelda - Occarina of Time. It comes from the Nintendo 64 time in the 1990s.  It was the most famous and most used game at that time. Fortunatelyh, it is not one of these shooter games.


It is now freely available.  You can get the corresponding ROM file at www.n-roms.de/roms/n64/.  It can be played under Linux and other free OS, even in Android cell phones without costs.  The corresponding program is called mupen64plus in most distributions.


You start as a human child living in the woods under dwarves with elfs.  There you start learning, collect knowledge and weapons and become a fighter.  Your first task is to fix the chief tree, the Japanese God for the wood.  After much learning, you fullfil many advanced tasks.


Later on, you become adult with a horse.  Then the hard times begin.  The whole planet there falls into darkness and your fixing becomes much harder.  After a long time, you can heal the world there and become an angel.


Without a "walkthru" from the internet, you will need about 1 year for fullfilling all fighting and fixing tasks.


That's a very good game.  Of course, it does not play on plnaet Earth.  I don't know where.  Find it, and tell me!


There are more Zelda-games, but they are all nuch worse than Occarina of Time.