Comments about Music



The ancient Greeks said that physics is music.  That was proved by Euler, Stringtheory, Superstringtheory, and M-theory.



Mozart and Hardrock


Mozart was killed by a Mason colleague because he was also among the Illuminati.  So the soul of Mozart had no fun for something like classical music.  Mozarts soul worked a long time ago for the improvement of the 4th chakra, which has the color violet.


Other English names for violet are purple and crimson.  So in the 1960s and 1970s Mozarts soul inspired some hardrock musicians from above.  This included Deep Purple and King Crimson, but with King Crimson only for the first 3 albums, as long as Greg Lake was part of the band.



Charles Ives - The Unanswered Question


This piece of  music is very ingenious.  The most part is very gentle, their it seems to be some silent soul music.  Then some strange melody occurs - that means a question from above or wherever.  This question was not answered by the composer.  By that, the question becomes heavier and harder, sometimes even several different questioners occur.  But when the piece is at the end, the soul music is running, but not the question.  So the composer won against the voice attackers.


This piece can be found at



Charles Ives - Central Park in the Dark


If listened in an understanding way, this piece of music is absolutely horrible, the darkest in the 1910s decade.  It starts with some kind of fear for standing in the dark area in New York's Central Park.  Later on there occur many hard attacks.


The best music for displaying the hard music is from the BBC, Central Park in the Dark.