Friends in Nature



Beings in Nature and eatable Animals


Nature is much more than animals.  The name "to be an animal" in nature means that one is eaten by others of whatever kind.  By that, the idiotic animals are some kind of martyrs to become closer to some evil "god" - the same trash as the human islamists.


But the animal martyrs do not fight against others.  Among the human Allah-adorers, the islamists, there are martyrs, who kill about 100 people and make suicide with that as well.  So the human martyrs are again much worse than the animal martyrs.



Telepathy in Nature


Yes, all beings from nature can understand the thoughts of all other beings, including the humans.


If you learn to understand the thoughts of non-human beings, you will find friends there.  The starting point for that is the height of the heart in forward direction, so starting at the breast.  Most humans get with that a computer program answer that could mean "if you can understand dogs, you are a nazi, etc." - ignore such trash.


You can understand wolves, dogs, birds, cats, and many other large animals like pigs and cows.  I don't know if that also works for small spiders or flies.



Reptile Space-Ships


There exist 2 reptile space-ships.  These look a bit like humans in reptile form.


At least the captains, Jabba the Hut and Dinos are now quite peaceful and can be connected without problems.  They would like to have more friends among the humans.



Dinosaurs within the Earth

There is a very friendly Brachiosaur named Brac.  She is 20 meters high and is vegetarian as always.


Once she gave a German interview that was published in the internet.  There she said that the already had good techniques, like top lifts.  No human should use these lifts, because they do not trust humans.  After that the US government sent a human killer group that was arrested by the dinosaurs, but not eaten.



Friendly Demons


Demons are natural beings, they are also devil 9, that makes them suitable for the Number of the Beast in the Book of revelations in the bible.  In reality, they are agents from a 7 dimensional parallel universe, bearing a heavy suit.


There are 2 known demons from Abrahams

  • Baphomet - he is working for saving the human race
  • Moloch - she helps nature to switch into positivity

Baphomet is the main fighter for the European Union.  He fights against the absolutely hard humans, the real monsters in the 3-dimensional universe.


Since a long time, we have Baphomet on each German passport.  Search at Google for "German passport Baphomet" for getting a lot of information or for a excellent photo of a drawing of a German painter from about the decade 1890s, and more details.


Many thousand years ago, Baphomet was the chief demon for the later Hebrews,  at about the time, when Abraham lived.  He  and Moloch conquered the hell of that time and could throw out the chief devil there, Beelzebub.  From Beelzebub, Baphomet conquered  the well-known all-seeing-eye.  You find a lot of information about that in the Bible/Tora, but this information is quite wrong.  There it is said that Beelzebub helped mankind to get rid of the demons, the opposite is true.  The demons are not bad, they protect mankind against the hell and the devils there.  So it isn't necessary to get rid of demons. Now Baphomet still helps mankind to get rid of the devils in the brain and mind, who are regarded as being "high" on earth.  So you see that the Bible is hell stuff - forget about Bible/Tora.


The all-seeing-eye of Baphomet is also drawn on the German passport on the head. That's totally different now from the wrong all-seeing-eye that is adored by the illuminati.  You still find this wrong all-seeing-eye on the 1 $ note, it is a triangle with a single eye above a beheaded pyramid.  This triangle signifies the all-seeeing-eye of the former devil Beelzebub.  But as you know by now, Beelzebub vanished and lost his all-seeing-eye.  So this triangle with eye is just a fake, it can be extended to the mathematical Fano Plane.


Baphomet is also a friend of Free Software.  The best Free Software projects are called "GNU", an African bull.  They also show a related picture on their flag, a bull with 2 horns.  It's obvious that this is the sign for Baphomet, just as on the German passport, but only without the demon's all-seeing-eye.