3-dimensional Time Travelling



Gitler was as programmer able to move into a different program level, but this can occur only within Gitler's war game, not outside.  But the outside is and ever was the reality, not the game levels, called "fates".



Historical Time Jumping


Time traveling is part of Einstein's Relativity Theory, see Wikipedia Time TravelTime jumps into the future are simple, but backwards into the past are hard; because that can create parallelism.


Time travel happened already several times on Earth.  So the real history is quite different from our knowledge.


The most known historical time travels were done by the Aldebaranians, now living in the Hollow Earth, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow_Earth.  They were first discovered 1928 by an American polar researcher, the later well-known Admiral Byrd, see ufo.7dim.org.



Jump after World War 3


Actually we are again in another time line.  In the future from now, there was a horrible World War 3.  After more bullshit, a backwards time jump was done by 7-dimensional engineers.  As their reentry point they chose the year 2012, in which the Maya calendar predicted the "End of the World".


So we have now some kind of time parallelism.  That means that the first run did already occur, the already mentioned World War 3.  This will be a horrible war by using all atomic bombs from all nations and more eval stuff.  95% of mankind will be destroyed at that time.  That is exactly the number of destruction that was necessary for the "reptilians" (snakes) in their space ship over America, see http://ufo.7dim.org or search "reptilian" at youtube.com for more information about these ugly alien snake monsters.  By this destruction rate,  they will be able to possess all surviving humans at the same time.


So we are now on a 2nd run and try to make the earth into a nice place to live in - without thought control, as is planned.  These angel engineers hope to avoid World War 3 by now.


Much help is here on earth now, even from unexpected sources, but not from the voices from "above" in the brain and the soul's mind.



Easy 3 Minute Future Jumps


There is a simple time machine for easy jumps into 3 minutes in the future.  It is based on neutrino-like technology (longitudinal electromagnetic fields), so it is comparable to the mental region, where the mind controllers exist.  As usual this kind of physics is invisible for the bad human eyes, which are mostly based on Hertz-waves.


But the usage of this machine can only be done in the soul region, not at all from the bad and ugly mental region of the mind controllers.  The soul region is physically much higher, though still being some kind of 3-dimensional.  No mind terrorist can have access to this high region, so it is quite safe against the though possessing.


Basically only habitants of the soul region can use this simple time machine.  Only humans with the Inner Eye can have a look at it.


For souls the time travel is quite easy.  Only 3 minutes into the future may soud boring, but its usage can become very interesting.  For example, a soul, who uses this time machine can travel with spiritual help into regions that can be very far away, such as other galaxies, parallel universes, and even going home into 7 dimensionsThis soul can stay wherever as long as it's useful, let's say a million years.  Then he/she can come back into 3 minutes in the future at the same place as it started.  So very good experiences are possible in the soul region.


The knowledge and thinking about the soul region is usually totally forbidden by the so-called religions or churches, who try to keep souls absolutely dull, just as food for the devil-like monsters, such as the alien snakes, see ufo.7dim.org.



Projective Jump


This method uses one's own mind.  What's more than the 2 computers human brain and soul's mind, it is already some kind of 7-dimensional structure.


A time travel with the mind is not a material jump,the human always stays at the same position.  The jump occurs only in one's conciousness.  It is comparable to a computer mapping, based on projective geometry.


Of course, this cannot be done by the thought controllers from "above", moreover you even cannot get information about that traveling feature from these orc-like machine-devils.  But on the other hand, you can use this projective jumping for a mental fight against these monsters in the brain.


One can also travel into the past and talk with historical persons by speaking from "above", see the page about Nirvana later on in this website.