Self-defense against mental Punishments



Almost all humans are horrible monsters, which like to make attacks called "punishment".  Such punishment is illegal, because it is life-destructive.  Think the words "first law" in your head.  With that you get the information that only positivity with life-preserving is now legal.



Self-defense is now legal


Self-defense was formerly forbidden.  Attackers even called the police, pretending  that their attack came from "above".  That became absolutely different since about March 2014.


Now self-defense is legal by the 3rd law.  To test that, think the words "third law" or "law 3" within your head.





The attacks among humans, called punishment, are done with words.  These words are pretended to be feelings - trash.  Feelings are emotions without words, but all humans believe that these words are feelings.


In reality, these punishment words are computer program names from the 4th dull computer, the server of which is in the cellar of the "mankind" building.  If one thinks the program name, the connected computer program starts running.  But it is obvious that it is impossible to attack a human with words - without such a computer nothing will happen if one thinks whatever words.


Moreover after an attack, the computer program you called provides a result of your attack, which is often totally wrong.



Protect Acupuncture Points


Most of these punishment attacks hit acupuncture points (in Wikipedia or as a PDF file for pictures).  Not all attack points are known to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  But the Chakras, the yoga energy centers, are known acupunture points.  These points are part of 2 special meridians, the Du meridian (Governing Vessel) on the spine and the Ren meridian (Conception Vessel) in the middle of the forward direction of the body, the breast, etc.


The book Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture from Beijing College of TCM is no longer available.  In the 1980s it was the best book about acupuncture world-wide.  Now you can get it again for free in PDF-form at


The easiest way for learning protection is to protect the Chakras.  Make a vertical or horizontal small energy disk with the center at the point, one behind on the spine, the other one on the forward body part.  For that you should be better with inner viewing.





Disintegration means letting vanish objects.  Dematerialization is only for matter, but disintegration is for many more, also some parts of the so-called dark matter, like neutrino cables.


The word "disintegration" comes from Latin.  "Dis" meant to split into several parts.  The rest of the term is something like "integer", the whole numbers.


You imagine that your spine and the center of the breast vanishes by your picture.  This separation is shown on the picture of the Album The Division Bell by Pink Floyd.

This vanishing does not occur, but it seems to be true for the dull 4th computer for punishment.



Eye Attacks


These attacks were formerly only allowed for devil 6.  There you died as soon as you batted your eyelits.  Now, where all devil 6 were destroyed, it is useful to create an inside picture of your totally vanishing body together with the batting.  Restore an existing body when opening the eyes again.






Ignoring attacks is quite advanced.  Their you check who is the attacker and which point id attacked.  This information is real, but the attacker's program gets only toally wrong information.  So this self-defense is the best you can get.



Private Channel


The feature of a private channel is quite useful if you have trouble with hiding your thoughts or want to read on your own.


It can be located at the middle of your human eyes.  You are free to find a different location.  There you create a flat, horizontal, 2-dimensional energy semi-circle with a radius of about 2 inches, not more.  This small size is necessary in order that the voices in the brain can send quite normally.


Then move this detected consciousness point from underneath into the flat semi-circle of your private channel and append it there.  If it stays there stably - fine.  But if it uses to fall down, you must create another zero-point. somewhere under your private channel.  That point will be only an empty point without content.  Within that, you integrate your conciousness point and use this new filled zero-point for appending under your private channel semi-circle.


If that appending works, you can think or read or do whatever you want, it cannot be heard, seen, or otherwise detected by the voice controllers from "above", also not by other humans or souls.  That's why it's called "private".


It might happen that some other humans are forced to think into your direction the sentence "You are too loud".  That's definitely not true.  So "loud" means for you a proof for your mental invisibility.




Attacks against the Operating System of the Brain


The human has a brain, which is just a computer, not at all related to whatever kind of god, just the opposite.  This brain computer is hardly attacked by other humans, it normally has computer viruses and backdoors for evil human groups, just like the computers based on commercial Operating Systems.  The computer problems of the brain generate strong security problems, comparable to Microsoft Windows or Apple.



Linuxers for Brain Healing


This group of reasonable computer programmers are extra-terrestrials from the 3-dimensional universe.  You can reach them by sending backward the word Linuxers.


They can teach you everything about whatever kind of computers, best of course about Linux, but not necessarily.  They are also good in language training.



That's often reported in TV news, at least in Germany.  In the British magazine Linux Format of December 2013, Linus Torvalds, the inventor of Linux, showed the 3rd right finger against the NSA, when these asked for backdoors into the Linux kernel, see also So he is a really good fighter for freedom and protection against attacks by evil forces.


The brain needs a better protection, at least a new operating system, something like Linux.  That advanced protection is run by the program of the Linuxers called Cut.  This program does:

  •  It changes the operating system of your computer "brain" from stuff like Microtrash Windull with viruses and backdoors into some kind of OS compatible with Linux, which is without  viruses and backdoors.
  • It recreates your own intelligence.  For if you start to become reasonable and check things, you become a danger for dull humans, who want to be higher than you.  Then these use one of the backdoors from the brain's operating system for deleting, such that you become dull enough to go on into the hell.  And the Cut program restores your mental power just by copying it from some central computer.