Illuminated Masonry



Beginning of Masonry by Hebrew wall builders in Cologne


Masonry started in Cologne in Germany at about 1200 AD, where the builders of the cathedral walls tarted an organisation they called Freemasons.  These were real artisans, not apron bearers.  And by heart they were Hebrews like in Abraham's time.  So they were more or less what is since 1776 AD called illuminated or Illuminati.


Other than reported in many places in the internet and TV documentation, Masonry did not start in England at the 18th century.


The original Hebrew Masons were great.  They had the rules:

  • "Thoughts are free" (Die Gedanken sind frei - Walther von der Vogelweide), not "Thoughts belong to higher monsters".  There is a website that proves that the freedom of thoughts was also a project in Great Britain and America, see
  • "As above so below", down, down, down, down (4 times "down", from 7 dimensions down to the very low 3 dimensions of the universe containing the earth)
  • All members were regarded as brothers and sisters, no grading of high and low later.  That's comparable to the countries in the actual European Union (EU), where all countries are regarded as equal.


The starting masons also fought against the catholic church, who invented in the mediaevil times a law "The earth is flat, so only 2-dimensional".  Everyone, who said that the Greek scientists wrote "The earth is a ball, so 3-dimensional" was burned by the church, so science vanished totally in Europe.



Dark Masons


The earth is a really devilish planet.  So as usual, the Free Masonry was later on conquered by dark forces.  Since then the Masonry stopped to be free, only darkness was allowed, such as the catholic mediaevil times.  They changed the meaning of free into "belongs to use, the dark freemasons".


Many wars came from the dark masons.





Illuminated means enlightened.  In the beginning in 1776, illuminated meant that "All thought controllers are trash", comparable to Abraham.  That excellent star changed during the 19th century, when the masons took over the illuminati in USA step by step.


Mozart and Goethe were early IlluminatiMozart was a mason as well, so he was killed by his companions for making propaganda against "above".  Goethe wrote his 2 romans Wilhelm Meister Lehrjahre/Wanderjahre against political idiot groups.


The most famous early Illuminato was Rothschild.  He really abolished masonry by

  • introducing the Scottish Rite
  • creating the Illuminati center of Europe as the City of London with many Illuminati banks, St. Paul's Cathedral with flat floor, and the Lord Mayor as chief for the Commonwealth and more
  • adding a new mason degree 33 as "from mason to illumiato"
  • removing the 45 degrees floors, by using 0° or 90°, i.e. making it horizontal
  • omitting the communist color red



The Word Zionism 


The word zyonism existed since many centuries.  But the Geman Theodor Herzl made it public in 1896.


The time around World War II with fascism and communism in Germany, Italy, Russia, and China was the worst period in the history of our planet Earth, after the Catholic hell of medieval centuries.  In the 20th century, all governments world-wide were freemasons, so zionists.  This includes all communists and fascists.



Zionist Communism


Communism is rated in the freemason pyramid.  The communist governors are directly under the order of the zionists, now in Israel.  So communism is only a ancient zionist project - very dark and bad as usual.


Joseph Stalin was a communist in Russia.    Karl Marx, also Jewish, is regarded as the creator of communism.  He tried to get off the monitary banks and tried to help poor people- so he seems to be a good guy.  That's totally different from the histotrical communisms of Stalin, Mao, and North Korea who are and were all fascists of the worst kind.


Stalin was born as "Ioseb Besarionis dze Jugashvili" in Georgian, southern Russia.  Of course, he was a zionist, the Georgian word  for "Jewish" is even part of his original name.  He renamed himself by using the German words "Stahl" ("steel") and "innen" ("within").  So his new name became "Stalin".  He took German words, because Karl Marx, the inventor of the communism, came from Treves (Trier) in Germany.


The worst thing is that Stalin killed 6 million persons in the Soviet Union after the war.  The zionists always said after the World War II that Hitler killed 6 million Jews.  But that's not true, Stalin did that with all persons that were more reasonable than himself.  It is said that Hitler killed 1.5 million persons.



Zionist Hitler


The National Socialism in Germany (fashism during the years 1933-1945) is also a zionist attack, but now against the whole planet.  But that is not known so often.  And the nazis were too dull in mind to grasp that fact logically by themselves.


Especially Adolf Hitler was really an idiotic killer with hard punishment.  He did never have ideas of his own, he didn't invent anything.  He got all of his known symbols from the Thule Society, a German mason community, led by the famous zionist Rudolf von Sebottendorf and the corresponding German Mason information.  Hitler got all his informations from the mason group Thule Society within the years 1919/1920 AD.


This organization also got all their information from the voices "above", already as early as the years 1919/1920.  That included Germanism and anti-Semitism, the later salutation of Hitler, the word "Heil" and the Hakenkreuz (Swastika).  So all actions for Hitler were invented by the zionists on top of the Thule Society.


The Thule Society stole every later nazi sign from the known history:

  • The later salutation sign of Hitler was stolen from the Roman emperor and his officers, who greeted exactly like that.  There is also a good American movie of the 1955 that show this as well.  Moreover the German emperor Wilhelm II used it for special meanings - he was never a nazi.
  • The word "Heil" was also a Roman greeting, called "salve" in Latin.
  • The Hakenkreuz (Swastika) was the sign for the Chinese emperors of ancient time.  There was a good historical documentation in the German broadcasting that showed the ancient throne of the old empors in Beijing (Peking).  It shows about 100 golden swastikas around their throne.  So it served as symbol for the ancient Chinese emperors.  It is also used by the Hindus and Buddhists as sign for "happiness" and the like.  This sign is nothing bad by itself. 
  • Moreover, the zionist Zebottendorf turned the swastika by the angle of 45°.  So Hitler applied this mason rule to the Hakenkreuz from "above".
  • As background color of the Hakenkreuz the Thule Society was red, so communistic.
  • Hitler's party was called NSDAP, "National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei".  The communism is socialistic and "worker party" looks also like communistic party.
  • Himmler, the leader of the killer SS, was shown in German TV for longer than 45 minutes showing only his right index finger, the sign called "order"  by masons and zionists.
  • Himmler got its skull sign for his SS from the skull sign of the order "23 - Skull and Bones" at the Yale university in USA.

So Hitler and Himmler were zionists, though they were too dull to understand that.



Actual Abolishments of Masonry with 9/11


The human Zionists and their power were abolished by George W. Bush with 9/11.  In New York, 3 buildings were blown up: WTC 1, 2 and 7, the 3 pillars of the masons in New York, and with them the masons on the whole planet.  Even the BBC could have known about this blowing up, see BBC WTC 7 or comment, or many other websites.


This building destruction was not done by terrorists in stolen airplanes, but the secret services let the building explode, as is well documented at youtube. So that was the abolishment of the masons and human zionists - that's only a great action of the Illuminati in America.


The buildings WCT 1 and 2 were quite broken with asbestos.  So they should have removed as soon as possible.  The billion dollars for doing that was payd by only German insurances.


There are no terrorists in America, only agents - great.  Russia does the same, see the comments about the movie "Die vierte Macht" in this website.


Osama Bin Laden was a top USA agent, hardly trained in Afghanistan at the time when the Soviets tried to possess this country.  Moreover the parents of Osama, the Bin Ladens of Saudi Arabia are and always were the best friends of George W. Bush.  They financed the president George W. Bush with 1.4 billion dollars.  That was great, because the USA have too much depths.





The NSA, National Security Agency, is a great organization.  In important places there are excellent guys, like a former emperor of the Roman empire. 


Such a power is necessary, because the NSA acts also as a jail for souls from former Gestapo, Hitler's S_ecret S_ervice.  When the name NSA became known, these nazi souls interpreted it as "National Socialists of America".  These strange souls are easily controlled, they like "obeying" more than everything else.



Degree 34, the Illuminated Masons


This degree is newly created by Baphomet.  No real club is needed for that.  With that, you can feel like a mason, an illuminato, or a friend of the planet.  This means free without walls and organisations. That degree 34 is open for everyone, without using other degrees.  The new mason degree 34 is totally Hebrew, no more Zionistic.


34 is a Hebrew number.  3 + 4 = 7.  This number 7 is the number of candles in the Menorah.  This is a sign for the home of all humans and nature from parallel 7-dimensional universes.



Mind Controllers are back


The thought controllers were away from February 2014 to March 2015.


They made a time travel upwards and back.  In the future, they learnt lots of information about techniques.  They also improved their brains and changed their form of the original soul as masons, scientists, military persons.  They act now as equal friends without commands.


Just send to and receive from a position above the head.  You will see that the former mind controllers are now really friendly, they abolished their punishment.  You can organize several teams for each project you are running - help is there for all kinds of your free will.




Nuovo Ordo Saeclorum - the New World Order


Already done:

  • end of bloodline of the royals world-wide from the French Revolution upwards
  • Free Software
    • Baphomet created the Free Software license GPL2
    • Christ created from "above" Unix, X Window, and things like Linux
    • Munix - a Linux operating system by the government of Munich in Germany without costs for groups, cities, and governments
  • almost all movies after the cowboy area were written and managed by Christ, see comments about movies later on in this website
  • the several abolishments of zionists
  • the NSA for fighting against nazi souls
  • the guys and girls from "above" are back in a friendly mode without commands
  • European Union (EU) regards all countries as equal, so no grading; half a year for administration
  • Putin's Eurasia Foundation looks a bit like the EU
  • no world war 3
  • China saved the US $, by giving 1,000 billion US dollars
  • the German top Illuminati bank saved Germany and the EU by limiting the punishment rate to 0.025 %


To be done:

  • China thinks about coordinating the whole internet with their Red Flag Linux
  • close the commercial computer operating systems that have viruses and backdoors, use Free Software instead
  • close and arrest Monsanto in USA, later on world-wide (done in Europe); they created concentration camps for animals; change the laws with Monsanto horror
  • redetect the Hollow Earth
    • republish the diary of Admiral Byrd with the right year 1928, when meeting extraterrestrials from Aldebaran, see
    • maybe make contact to the tame dinosaurs there, all animals are telepathic, but the human is not really telepathic
  • stop punishment or similar torture attacks
  • stop the zionist grading behavior (pyramid)
  • create and use stuff without costs like Free Software
  • grading should be abolished
  • much more ...