Comments about Movies



There are many good movies on planet Earth.  Many movies are much better than the reality.  The best movies come from USA and the British Comonwealth, but some useful movies originate from Germany.


All movies documented here have much wisdom.  Some of these movies can be found for free at, but other ancient movies are available as used or new DVD-disks from, etc.





This movie reports about the enemies of mankind - machines callled agents against human beings.  Such machine-like agents once existed in the soul regions, where they fought against the region Middle-Earth. for about 1000 years.  Now these agents do no long exist any more, so the human race should really glad about that, but no one checks that.


Nevertheless, the 3 movie parts are an excellent collection of historical information.  For the machine-controlled earth once existed not too long ago.  The earth was only part of 4 brutal computer program.  Two of these running killer emulators, the 2nd and 3rd matrix, were turned off by their programmers Gitler and Pygmy.


The 1st matrix exists for the mind controllers, who are back again since about March 2015.  But they are no more computer based, but act on their own as helping force.


The name Trinity is great - it's a fight against the develish "trinities" of the religions, see page "Religions".


At the beginning of the first part, the movie plays on the normal material earth - that's correct.  But when Neo is freed, this is no longer the material planet, but plays in the soul region.  It is true that the souls related to mankind were used as only batteries for sucking off spiritual energy.





This is an interesting movie, a bit comparable to Matrix.  There is also shown a compuiter generated world, which is more beautiful than the material earth.


The shown nature looks beautiful, it is similar to some 5-dimensional worlds.  But these very high worlds are not part of a computer game, but they are living beings.


In the surrounding of the Earth there exists a region that iis comparable to the Avatar World, it is Middle-Earth in the Soul Region.  That is only 3-dimensional, but beautiful anyway.


The dragons in Avatar exist in an advanced 3-dimensional region, even higher than the Soul Region.  A dead dragon was found in Montana, USA, and published within some university there.


In many countries, the military training consists of computer, mostly killer games, but also a bit like Avatar.  So understanding this movie is some kind of agent training of higher art.



They Live - you Sleep (John Carpenter 1988)


You can find the movie at youtube.


This is a very interesting and important movie by John Carpenter of 1988.  It tells about mankind being possessed by ugly guys.  That was quite true.  For mankind  was possessed by the Taliban mind controlers for about 1000 years.  These Talibans did not came from Afghanistan, but from outer space, where they distroyed their own planet.  After November 2013, they were moved to a different planet, so they are now only history. 


In the movie, there is a blind priest who could see the ugly penetrators and has special glasses that allow that everyone can see the possessors and the propaganda text in magazine and everywhere else ("obey", "reproduce", "no own thoughts", "no free will, we are your will", "the dollar is your God").


These propaganda texts really exist.  Open your inner eye, then you can see it as well, also without Hoffmann classes.





This is a very good movie with Jody Foster.  She travels with a strange machine into different cosmic regions, and meets there very nice extra-terrestrial beings.


Such nice extra-terrestrials really exist.  They are not 3-dimensional, but live in a 5-dimensional universe.  The 5-dimensional universe is not as good as the 7 dimensional universes,  but compared to the 3-dimensional hell planet earth, they are really high.


These 5-dimensional planetarians know that they once came from 7 dimensiions.  Since a long time, they try to upgrade towards 7 dimensions, but they want to do that also with their solar systems, which is possible, but very complicated.





This is another movie with Jodie Foster, it documents the former sphere they wanted to have from "above".



The 5th Element


This movie is available at youtube.


This is now a funny movie about the century 2300 AD.  It has very high buildings in New York.  The Star Wars movies 1 to 3 used comparable large cities later on.


The incoming darkness is distroyed later on, so far so good.  The story for getting there is excellent.



The Arrival


Here the forms of humans are cloned by strange aliens, who want to conquer the Earth.  They are responsible for the climate change.  At the beginning of part 1, the lake in Antarctica is shown, but with Holywood generated pictures.  See documentation about Neuschwabenland in for more details.



Rambo 1


This movieis is good only at the beginning.  There Rambo is an excellent soldier.  He is attacked by policemen from the system, who even start fighting agasinst Rambo without reason, although Rambo is much higher than the whole system of evil forces.


Rambo starts to defend himself against the system.  That's the end of the good part.


In the movie, the system got an officer who was the former chief of Rambo in the army.  Rambo resigns because of this officer - that's a pity and makes the good movie into some kind of bullshit.


Harry Potter (Books and Movies)


The wands are trash.  But the spells are useful information.  Such spells are computer program names, which are available in most human heads.  When such names are called with thinking or speaking, the program with that name is run.  In the movie, the spell names are mostly in Latin.  The computers in the head use only German or Engliswh names, sometimes also in French.


The Muggles in the story are the normal mankind which are possessed by evil forces of themselves, or from other humans.  Listening towards "above" would be much better.  Then life could become something like magic.


Of course, Lord Voldemort and a lot of other guys are very evil. 



Tolkien: The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (Books and Movies)

These are good books and movies.  It tells the history of the existing Middle-Earth in the soul region.  This region was a battle field for 1000 years, just as in the story.  The soul region Middle-Earth was not fought by a ring, but by machines that looked like nazi-like agents with blond hairs and blue eyes since 1000 years.   But the soul region is now peaceful.  The leader of this region is a former elf Legolas, but the story and persons are very different in reality.


Hobbits don't exist in the soul regions, but dwarfs.


A good part is about Galadriel, the chief of the wood elves.  When she sees the bad ring at Frodo, her face becomes dark.  That is suitable for discribing Satana, the owner of the Earth.  Other than is told by many churches, she left the 3 dimensions when the fallen angels started to become devils, who tried to life by making living beings them into machines.




These are 3 beautiful movies.  It tells about a non-existing Amercian island where English speaking humans live together with intelligent and friendly dinosaurs.  That would be really nice on Earth, because most animals are telepathic, but the humans are not telepathic for non-humans.  That's a pity.


The movie has the main theme Find the Light. This light protects them against evil carnivores, like Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Such a light would be very nice for this planet, for protecting against the evil killer humans.


The 1st movie is available at youtube, English language with Dutch subtitles.  You will find the 2nd and 3rd part after the 1st part.



Minority Report


Available at youtube.


This movie is about predicting crimes in the future.  That's absolutely useful, because the history and future of living on earth is just a computer program called "Fate".  As almost all humans are fulfilling exactly this program, the program can provide also the future of the human actions.  To get out of fate, see the movie Lola rennt.



Demolitian Man


Available at youtube.


This is about a top policeman and a top criminal in the future.  Both were frozen for some decades.


There it is obvious that the futuristic government then will be totally nuts.  Maybe that hits the system already even now as well.



Judge Dredd


This is about judges in the future.  They are policemen as well.  Moreover their surroundings make them into some kind of robots.


Their chiefs are idiots.




Die vierte Macht


This movie is a good doumentation about a secret service in Russia.  It proves that there are no terrorists from Chechnya, but only agents and projects from a secret service.  Maybe some other countries did the same as well, but this is not documented.



Brandner Kaspar

The story of Brander Kaspar is really famous in Bavaria, Germany.  There exists even a suitable museum in Munich.


Brandner Kaspar was a Bavarian poacher in about 1850, who betrayed the Bavarian Death (called Boanlkramer, the bones collector) with alcohol and a card game.  Kaspar got 21 years more to live.


As the Death did not fulfill his task for killing him, he invited the Brandner Kaspar for a visit into the Bavarian paradise.


This Bavarian paradise really exists in the paradise region.  And there exists an interesting light tunnel towards the 5-dimrnsional universe.  So if you have trouble with leaving the hell of 3 dimensions, try to get there as soul.


There exist 2 movies about this story, from 1949 and 2008.  The movie from 2008 is much more funny.  The language of this movie is a reduced Bavarian dialect, which can be understood by all persons, who can understand German. 



Lola rennt (Run Lola run)


Available at youtube in German with English subtitles.


This is a good German movie.  It is about time travel.  Everything is important in this movie - very amazing and interesting.  Franka Potente got famous by this movie, even in USA.


This movie has 3 parts with 2 time travels with 20 minutes back each.  Only small differences in these parts change later on the whole story into darkness or surviving.


The 1st part is about being within the normal fate program, where crimes are regarded as being high.

  • Lola could pass a man with a dog on the staircase of her home.
  • Then Lola runs through the middle of a group of catholic nuns, who all look quite normally.
  • There is an accident, were a car with a banker hits a white BMW on the front side.
  • Lola's father, the boss of a bank did not give her the needed 100.000 Marks, but expulse her out of the bank.
  • Outside of the bank, Lola asks an old woman for the time and has a look at her wristwatch.
  • Lola helps her boyfriend Manni to attack a shop.
  • In the shop, Lola does not know, how a colt is activated, but she learns about that.


The 2nd part after a time travel back by 20 minutes tells about being outside of the fate program, but wanting the negative darkness only, 

  • The evil man with a dog on the staircase of Lola's home moves his leg upwards, such that Lola falls down and hurts one of her leg.
  • Again Lola runs through the middle of the group of catholic nuns, but one sister carries black sun classes, comparable the matrix movies.  That can happen as information for time travellers.
  • Lola runs over the banker's car, such that the banker slows down.  So the accident wiith the white BMW happens on the back side.  So the banker is still inside the fate program.
  • Lola makes a bank robbery within her father's bank. for getting he needed 100.000 Marks.
  • Lola now knows how to activate a colt.  So learning within the 1st part before the time travel was stored.
  • Lola's boyfriend Manni does not attack the shop.


The 3rd part after a time travel back by 20 minutes tells about being outside of the fate program, but wanting the positive powers only, 

  • The dog on the staircase is barking, but Lola jumps over the dog's head and barks as well.  By that, the dog redraws.
  • This time, Lola avoids the group of catholic nuns, but runs directly to the street, were she hits a push-biker.  This action changes the whole story into a luckiness.
  • Lola falls on top of the front side of the banker's car, such that the banker does not make the the accident wiith the white BMW.  But the banker is still inside the fate program, that's why he makes the accident to the same car several minutes later within a different region.  So getting avoiding the fate program can be quite hard.
  • Lola cannot meat her father.  No bank robbery occurs.
  • Lola's boyfriend Manni sees his 100.000 Marks bag on a puh-bike.  He regets this bag.
  • Lola gets more than 100.000 Marks within a casino.
  • Lola has now her win for free.



Die unendliche Geschichte - Michael Ende


That is a fairy tale on a young boy, who can get access to a far away mythical region by reading a book.  It isn't only for kids.


The story was originally a very good German movie from the 1986 AD, it is now hard to get.  Unfortunately, only horrible American following-up movies exist, which are full of darkness - just the difference of the German version.  The name is "The Neverending Story".



Momo - Michael Ende


The movie shows a "Time Bank" with grey humans without hair, horrible monsters from "above" that make all humans except Momo into machine-like control objects.


The book and the movie were written for kids, but if one understands the content, it's excellent for adult humans as well.


One can get a full German version at youtube.




Mio my Mio - from Astrid Lindgren


This book was as a fairy tail intended for kids only, but it is very useful for all humans.