Soul History of Countries



Escaping Roman Souls 


Each country on earth has a special group of souls that identify with this country.  If a country changes in a long run, one can suppose that the country soul group moved to a different country.  That can be called "soul history".


The best folk in Europe where the Romans.  They had good sciences, culture, excellent military legions and ships, and a lot of features that made their coutry into a nice place.  Our western world is totally based on this Roman culture.


The Roman emperor was always regarded as some kind of god by himself, his people, and from above.  But the pope was always a hard devil.  Rome and Italy changed a lot when the devils Pope became worse and were able to throw out the Roman Emperor Constantin towards Byzantium.  That became the capital of East-Rome and was also called Constantinople.  It is now Istanbul, the capital of Turkey.


When the Roman Pope took over the power of the empire in Rome and was the chief devil at that time, the Roman souls started to leave their country, now Italy.  Most of them incarnated as humans in Germanic peoples, as humans in Gallia (France) and southern England.  So these peoples were no longer Germanics or Celtics, but had Roman souls.


Later on, some German and Austrian emperors became "Roman emperor of German nation" up to 1918 AD, so a much longer time than the former Roman emperors.


The Germanic, French and English peoples became known as good scientists and fighters.  That's because their real being was a Roman soul.


The good scientists are now no longer the Germans, but the Americans.  That was because of the Hitler area.  Then the Roman souls left Germany and are the Americans of today.  Britain and France kept the Roman souls, such as both countries are now much better than Germany or Austria, etc.  France is the creature of European Union.  Britain has top-musicians and movies.



But unfortunately, also many nazi souls conquered USA.  Most presidents from the republican party were forced to study in the Yale university, where they became part of the "Skull and Bones" community, which were the original SS since about 1850 due to the word "Skull".  Their sign was the number "23", which means the abolishment of the European masons, which are represented by the number "32", which is maybe not so bad.  In spite of the skull sign, the Republican party in USA is quite different from Hitler's SS.


Well, and the new American secret service with the most power over USA is the NSA, the National Security Agency.  But many souls of the nazi regime came to the NSA, because they believed that the abbreviation NSA notified that this Secret Service were "National Socialists of America".  As the masters in the NSA are obvious Roman souls, the NSA could be some kind of jail for the former Gestapo or SS souls, because these souls adore "obey, obey, obey".


The Republican president George W. Bush abolished the zionists by destroying the 3 mason pillars WTC 1, 2, and 7 by 9/11.  That's documented at many places in the internet.  Find it out yourself and relax.



Japanese Souls


Something similar with the souls happened between Japan and China.  Before the WW II, the Japanese conquered almost all parts of China.  The communist leader Mao was obviously a Japanese soul, because he destroyed all traditional science in China, see his Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.