There is no real God, so all religions are basically plunder.  They create only divine wars and terrorists.  Some kind of higher being is only necessary for babies or idiots.  So all gods and religions are just holy shit and Great Scott!





Christ is a very intelligent 7-dimensional being, not religious at all.  Of course, he is not the "son of God", for there is no God at all.  Something like God would be a General or Admiral or a fascist-like leader or the minister of magic - no thanx.  The known religions and godses were inventions of devils for getting divine wars and holy terrorists, such as the former wars in Europe or the islamist "djihad".  "Religious" means "believing", so "not knowing", so it is dullness of the worst kind.


Christ and his fans are not religious, but intelligent and wise.  Christ is an already very ancient computer specialist for all dimensions, comparable to Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars.  He invented the positive way of living, all darkness is about to vanish step by step.




The high angel Satana incarnated in ancient times as the Indian human being Siddhartha, so she is "Buddha".  Later on Satana incarnated as well as Jesus.


Both humans were male due to the gender change, of course.


Buddha created the Buddhism, because this is without gods and ireligions, just spiritual improvement - free your mind7-dimensional angels don't need highness, generals, leaders, priests, or the like.  But meditation can help for healing the soul.


Buddha was good, but the real Buddhistic power was Christ.  Because Christ built an invisible computer above the front, that can be used as additional connection upwards.  This computer was named as the nothing or the emptiness. These terms are not at all good, but these were necessary to get it through the system.  This computer still exists, but is rarely used.  The position is forward above the front and then a cylinder.  It's still usáble, but there are now better methods.


Christ was also the founder of Buddhism in Tibet.  Because of the Böns there, that could not be done at Siddartha's time.  Christ created a very advanced 3-dimensional picture of him that looked as some male human.  He called that picture Milarepa,. now known as the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.





The Pali word Nirvana was in Sanskrit nih vana.  That is almost its German translation "nicht Wahn", which means "no dullness" in EnglishThat's eqivalent to the nothing or emptyness of the Buddhists.  The yogies of ancient time said that 1000 lives were necessary to reach that state.  Today that can be done within seconds by ignoring idiotic human thoughts, pretending to come from "above" the head.


El Shaddai


El Shaddai was the spiritual contact for Abraham.  She taught him how to get rid of the evil voices from "above", which are not at all "high".  That means that Abraham became an enemy of the control system.


El Shaddai is still not accepted.  Her name is,

  • El : angel
  • Shaddai: thrown out

She is a very powerful angel, and likes to be called thrown out from the hell.  Her former name was Satana, not at all some kind of Satan, which was invented by the Catholics.


The Abraham taught others.  This free group called themselves Hebrews.


The evil voices tried to fight against the Hebrews.  So they called the Hebrews "People of God" - they weren't,  That called evil devil-like killers, later on called "zionists".  Many bad actions in history are zionist-like based.





The powerful angel soul Satana, the former Buddha, incarnated as a Hebrew, later on called "Jesus of Nazareth".  So Jesus the reincarnation of the creator of the 3 dimensions and nature and a top fighter against the mind controllers from "above".


There exist two Laws of "cause and effect",

  • the international "Karma Law" for normal reincarnation
  • the advanced Law for souls, who don't need a further incarnation, "If the human body is killed, the corresponding soul can take legal revenge".

So Jesus was not the savior of mankind, which are no more natural like animals or plants, but machine-like war gamers, the vehikle of the soul.


Jesus was not religious at all, he was even fighting against religions, who are devilish inventions, thru the legal revenge.  The foundation of alien churches for controlling believers is just the opposite of Jesus.


Also Christ, the creator of Buddhism, was active at that time.  He implemented again an advanced invisible computer above each soul's head.  Th


There was no "arising", no "resurrection".  The human Jesus was just dead - human "machine" broken, what's it?.  Many of his friends, like the apostles, could see the male picture looking like the human Jesus.  That was Christ. That was not the soul of Jesus, because she was female.


The Babylonian Shark Sect (later on Catholicism, etc.)


This is the strangest and most abnormal religious sect that ever existed.  They are the religion for the catholic church and the zionist masons.


They hate nature and like humans without souls.  So they created a shark on the top of the head which eats souls of all kinds, that's the "miter" of the catholic bishops.


Their chief is a nazi bride with a baby.  They call this "virgin birth", but this is just fake from "above".



The Trinity


Formerly all Gods on earth were devils, who invented all religions.  If you pray to whatever kind of God, you feed the corresponding devils with your soul power. Omit your prayers, as soon as possible!


The most famous devils were the "trinity" gang.  These were only 3 devils, the leader team of the ancient hell.  These 3 devils invented 3 totally different Gods and religions.  They called themselves "Adonai", "God the Father", and "Allah". They invented 3 totally different religions in order to get wars, terrorists, and torture, done by the obligees of the different religious theories.  Believing means not knowing.  So believing whatever bullshit means perfect dullness.  Praying means feeding the trinity.


Fortunately, this "trinity" lost their evil power from old times.  They are now only poor guys listening to orc voices, comparable to the dull humans. So they are now part of the matrix, only game players, point shooters to become higher, but no more devils with spiritual power.


They now even adore the demon Baphomet as their master.  Well the demon will show them.





The nazi word "aryans" means something totally different.  So please don't mix that up.


The Arians were very ancient Christians.  They also lived to Europe.  They build octagonal temples.  These still exist in several places in Germany and elsewhere.


They denied the "trinity" (see above), so they became the enemies of the catholic church, who adore these devils.


So all Arians were killed by official catholic agents.  So catholicism is no religion, but a killer sect, as is considered by the medieval hell in Europe.



Catholic Church as Babylonian Sect


Catholicism is not a church, but a dangerous Babylonian shark sect.  They are absolutely not Christian, as you'll see later on.


Jesus or his apostles did not want to create religions or churches.


Nevertheless, there arose many sects based on the historical Jesus. At about 170 A.D., there existed about 2000 of these so-called "Christian" sects.


The Roman emperors created the Roman gods, such as Jupiter or Mars, for keeping their people dull and easily controlled.  As the Roman people did not want to adore their ancient gods any more, the Roman emperor was looking for a new kind of religion in order to better control his people.


For that, he engaged an advocate for looking around.  This guy finally found a Christian sect in the French city now called "Lyon".  The leader of this sect agreed to become the leader of a new state religion in Rome, the capital of the Roman empire.  This Lyon sect leader then moved to Rome.  This new Roman religion was called "Catholic church" and its religious leader was called "Pope".  The Italian title for the Catholic pope is "papa" (father) - that means this sect chief is commanded by the devil "God the Father".


Moreover the voices in the pope's brain always said to each pope that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ - that's totally wrong.


But the whole of this new Roman religion was a lie.  They call themselves a "Christian" religion, but in reality, they are a dangerous "Babylonian sect" against Christ for these reasons:

  • The Roman church still shows everywhere the tortured Jesus on a cross.  That is an action of the devils, by saying thru the mind, "By this symbol you see that we killed the Son of God.  So we are higher - you must adore us!".  The plus-sign + would be ok, but showing this torture killer weapon as religious sign means the adoration of dark forces.
  • The Roman emperor was called "God" from "above" - he wasn't of course.  But the Roman citizens believed that.  And after 200 A.D., the popes became stronger by evil forces and got the rank of a "devil" in the system.  As in the system a "devil" is higher than "God" in the terrestric system, the devil pope became higher than the Roman emperor, who was only "God".   So the devil pope got the command to throw out the lower Roman emperor.  That occured first at the time of the emperor Constantine.  Other than is told in church history, Constantine was not a catholic at all and he also did not transport his empire as a gift to the church.  The emperor Constantine had to leave Rome and Italy, because the devil pope was higher.  Constantine first went to Trier (Augusta Treverorum, Treves) in Germany, and made it into the 2nd capital of the Roman empire.  In later years, he even to the city Byzantium (now the Turkish capitol Istanbul).  There he founded his new empire "East Rome".  Later on, that city was also called Constantinople.  Constantine was not at all the founder of the Roman state religion.  The church was already a Roman state religion from the beginning.
  • There is no holy St. Peter, that's a lie in the falsified bible and false church history.  The foundation year 172 A.D.. is much too late for integrating anyone of the apostles.  The apostle Simon was not crucified, and had nothing to do with a cross upside-down.  As is known to intelligent people, such a cross upside-down is the sign of the "antichrist", who is the real St. Peter.  So this Roman state church called "catholic" is not a Christian religion, but a dangerous organization against Jesus and Christ.  At there is a picture of  pope John Paul II with the cross of the antichrist on the wall of a big room behind him.  This antichrist symbol is also on the flag for the "City of London", the illuminati center for the British Commonwealth.
  • The catholic church pretend that they adore a Simon.  That's true, but that is not the apostle Simon They adore another strange Simon, the former babylonian wizzard Simon Magus., who died before Jesus.
  • Moreover, the "mitre/miter" of the catholic bishops is a hat from this dangerous babylonian sect.  This sect adores a shark with open mouth, who tries to eat souls.  The miter hat shows that.
  • And the "virgin birth" of Jesus is another lie.  There is no holy St. Mary.  The mother of Jesus had normal sex - nothing special.   Again the virgin birth means the adoration of the babylonian shark sect, see
  • Reincarnation became heretic and was prohibited in thoughts friom "above" in 565 A.D. by the pope of that time.  More about that later on.
  • Up to about 1850 A.D., it was forbidden by the Catholic church to read even the bible.  Of course, the bible is not good, but contains a lot of information for fighting.  The interdiction made catholics quite dull for the truth.
  • The bible was replaced by "catechisms", quite unreligious stuff, only orcish mind-controlled, which made humans into system slaves by adoring Gods and Popes, that are in reality only devils.
  • Before the German democratic revolution at 1848 A.D., all catholic and Lutheran women were forced by voices to wear black cloths and black scarves.  As everyone should know, black is not a color of hell.  That scarve project against women was taken over by the Islam, another terrorist religion.
  • During the Middle Ages, the catholic church had the most power.  That was a horrible time with the burning of good scientists and intelligent people, the worst hell on earth of all times - that's the holiness of catholicism.  They even made the planet 2-dimensional by a perverse law.  That was exactly, what the voices from "above" wanted from them.
  • Have a look at youtube; there you will under "reptilian benedict" many other cursednesses.  Among other stuff, you will get there:
    • the pope Benedict talking at a balkony in Vatican City; on the left side, there is a little girl who is actually possessed by a snake producing a turned tongue, see  See also for a collection of information about these alien snakes.
    • Benedict with strange green eyes and cheeks, being possessed by a snake (Jabba the Hut), see

    For more information of these alien snakes, see

So the Roman-Catholic church is an abnormal, dangerous monster.  The European Union was the first organization that was able to get rid of a Roman-Catholic pope, the German Ratzinger, Benedict XVI.  The French kings tried it already with the Catholic schism from 1378 to 1418 Avignon.





During WW I, the "jihad" was rediscovered by German scientists.  "Jihad" became a kind of divine war against people who are not Muslims.  The German emperor of that war time wanted that Arab people would fight against their British occupiers.  The Arab people agreed to this German information and thought they could be nearer to "Allah" when fighting against the British.  That suits, because Allah was only a devil,who needed wars for suckiong off soul energy.


Later on, this jihad principle became the basic theory for creating terrorists by religious evil forces.  These evil forces for the Islamists are not too different from the other mental mind controllers in Europe or America.  So every human has the potential for becoming a terrorist by following the commands from "above", because humans regard all of these mind controllers as "high", especially the most evil ones.


By the voices in the brain and the related evil religious stuff, it is promissed that all terrorists will get 72 virgins in their paradise.  That's totally wrong, for

  • there are no virgins, because all souls are immortal "fallen angels", who lived already before the big-bang before 14 billion years.  Such a long time without sex is impossible
  • the promissed 72 virgins are only a computer game
  • there is no paradise for killers