How it works


Reincarnation is when some soul of a dead human or animal tries to restart a new material life.  As humans and most animals have exactly the same kind of souls, everyone can choose to become a new human or animal - most animals are higher.  Both kinds of beings kill other beings for eating flesh.  So it's obvoius that a human is nothing else than a shark or Tyrannosaurus Rex (T Rex).


The reincarnation is done from the soul region by finding a pair on the planet earth that have sex.  The soul tries to identify to the arising baby before the birth.  But the knowlege about one's former lifes is totally lost in everytime.  That's a pity.


No living being cann be created here in 3 dimensions (the earth and surroundings and other low planets).  So all souls were former 7-dimensional living beings, mankind is part of the team of "fallen angels" from the Bible.  By the creation of the 3 dimensions (big-bang) 13.7 billion years ago, they left their home in 7 dimensions.  With using bad physics, they became souls and were hardly hurt mentally and virtually.  So most souls lived already more than thousands or even millions of times as humans or animals, even many times during the time of the dinosaurs before 65 millions of years.



Living as an Animal


It is not necessary for a soul to live always as an animal or human, but both are possible and used.  That's because all animals greater than about mice have exactly the same souls as the humans.  This is so because the revolution in 7 dimensions was only done by dull angels, but the 7-dimensional animals didn't accompany this bullshit.  There were also natural beings from 7 dimensions that came later on for fixing the nature here.  They were not fallen angels and had a very tough, dangerous time here.


So it is possible to be an animal for some time.  The vegetarians should know this.  Because of that, the killing of animals for getting their meat is the same as the killing of humans would be.  So vegetarians are far more advanced.



Early Knowledge


It is known that the religions Hinduism and Buddhism believe that reincarnation is  the normal way for souls of dead humans or bigger animals.  The members of these religions still know or believe about reincarnation



Wrong Catholic Way


The ancient Christian groups had also this same knowledge, even the Roman-Catholic church before 565 A.D.  The most famous "Doctor of the Church" was Origen in about 200 A.D, others were Hildegard von Bingen and Augustinus.  Origen wrote excellent books about reincanation, and was famous for that in the early churches.  Unfortunately many of these books vanished or were falsified - you should know by 'whom'.


The knowledge of reincarnation in the Roman-Catholic church vanished in the 6th century A.D., when the Roman emperor Justinian in Byzantium (Constantinople) married a prostitude.  His new empress killed all of her former customers.  Then there were Eastern priests who told this empress that her next life would be horrible for her because of her many crimes.


The  emperor Justinian didn't like this information.  He said, "As an emperor I am God, so I forbid the reincarnation" and he contacted the pope in Rome to arrange that  from "above".  As Justinian ask for evil stuff, his request was accepted by the devil in Rome.


The pope needed 20 years for doing the forbiddance mentally.  He was successful with that as late as in the year 565 A.D.  Since then the thinking and talking about reincarnation is forbidden by almost all so-called Christian religions.  Moreover the Doctor of the Church "Origen" was made into a heretic and his excellent books were forbidden by the catholic dullness.  But this forbiddance did not hurt any yogis and Buddhists, because they are much "higher" than the church bullshit. 



Lutherans and Church of England are also Pope Slaves


Unfortunately even Luther didn't see that the catholic church betrayed mankind with deleted information about reincarnation.  Luther's followers fought and even fight now against people who believe that reincarnation is possible.  So the religious voices are not "high", but come from the very low and deep machine-hell, who try to transform living souls into machines.  Fortunately that is not possible now, but could occur, when mankind doesn't destroy these abnormal religions.



Actual Dullness


The forbiddance of thinking about reincarnation is still very strong.  Everyone who thinks or writes about reincarnation is regarded as an enemy of the "system".


Again: Reincarnation is possible for all souls who want it and search for it in the free soul region.  But a soul of a dead human must go there.  Most souls are as dull as their human form.  They are forced by themselves to stay in the boring mental region, sometimes for many centuries.


Go to the Home in 7 Dimensions 


But reincarnation is not totally necessary.  Each soul can instead leave the planet as well and can try to get back into one's home in 7 dimensions.  The Bavarian paradise has an exit, a light-tunnel to at least 5 dimensions.